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Best Lock Brands

Best Lock Brands
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Many of our blogs have discussed how not all locks are created equal, so today we wanted to share which brands are known for creating the best locks. Most brands carry the major types of locks, such as keyed cam locks and tumbler locks. Each lock uses the same basic principle of setting wards in place if the incorrect key or code is entered. That is why each key has unique ridges and designs to format to the inside of the appropriate lock and thus release the wards and unlock the mechanism. The following brands are considered some of the best locks to have installed in your home.

Three Best Brands

Best Lock BrandsThe three best brands of locks currently on the market are Yale, Chubb, and Schlage. Each of these brands are available worldwide and have been in lock production for many years. Below you will see why they have remained in business for so long, and will continue to remain in business for the many years to come.

Yale manufactures much more than a simple door lock. They are known worldwide for being an expert in manufacturing locks for doors, padlocks, safes, alarms, and much more. Beginning over a century ago, Yale locks only continues to improve by continuously researching the most secure locks and how to create them. Furthermore, Yale conducts studies on how burglars act in order to create locks that will combat their moves. Yale lock installations truly offer maximum security for your home.

Chubb locks, like Yale, has been manufacturing locks for over a century. In fact, the two companies have been in constant competition – which greatly benefits the customer as it helps each company continue to create higher security locks. Unlike Yale, though, Chubb is known more for its burglar-resistant safes, which makes Chubb lock installations highly recommended for safes.

Lastly, the Schlage brand is probably the most recognized and most well-known, especially in the United States. While the company has only been around for ninety years, Schlage has made a name for themselves in creating high quality door locks for your home. Mixing functionality with style, Schlage is the perfect lock installation for new homes.

By choosing a lock manufactured by any of these brands, you will know that you are getting a high quality, high security, and well-designed key and lock system. Additionally, these companies have advanced with the technology offered today and many of their models now use a combination of keyless and keyed entry systems.

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