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It's always helpful to get the answers you are looking for and be sure that they are straight forward and right. When questions are related to security matters, the quality of answers is of the essence. Enjoy the following answers to frequently asked lock and key related questions. They are of the highest quality

Are batteries on digital locks easily replaced?

Yes, batteries are replaced easily. You just have to remove the screws of the cover and simply remove the old ones and insert new ones. Our specialists just draw your attention to the batteries you will use and the proper way of inserting them. Make sure plus and minus signs are aligned the right way.

Should I use one key for all home doors?

It sounds easy and helpful but it's not always a good idea. Imagine if you lose this only key, which opens the doors all over the house! It will be a disaster! You will immediately have to rekey all door locks and this means safeguarding all entry points and higher lock rekeying cost.

How should you select the perfect safe

Learn the type of safes available in the market. A fire safe offers protection against fire but offers very little coverage for its contents while a burglary safe offers much protection for its contents but is exposed to damage in the event of a fire. There are multi-purpose safes that offer coverage for both burglaries and fires plus they make for good investments.

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